South Korea Package Design Exhibition Pack Star Award

LG Life Sciences, South Korea Package Design Exhibition Pack Star Award

LG Life Sciences, was awarded the pack Star Award in the health functional food brand Richun recently South Korea package design War.

South Korea package design War, has been prepared in order to promote domestic package design development. Winners will be selected through a fair examination of the expert jury group that has been the old line in the experts and design world of authority of related fields.

Richun official said, in this design War Richun Chuo Bull omega 3 package front part development of the point and the brain called the omega-3 content and DHA97 made with plant ingredients, growth, of 3 in immunity and we have received an excellent evaluation from the jury and to express and easy graphics and storytelling techniques to understand the information that is provided with a functional and consideration of the simple children to worry about taking especially health functional food And then, the boy was said to be riding like as an important element that enhances the completeness of the package design the image storytelling one point in appearance to find the algae DHA component which is a main raw material of Richun Chuo Bull omega-3 to the submarine .

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Pleasant day all of breast cancer, Bansonfi director Cast

All of MBC pleasant day breast cancer, Bansonfi director appeared

Publish all of Bansonfi clinic Bansonfi director breast cancer!

Integration immune cancer treatment specialist Bansonfi clinic Bansonfi Dr. was broadcast the morning of today MBC8216; feeling is nice 8217; Desperate Housewives ndash; women cause breast cancer threatening the woman appeared to disease and breast self-diagnostics and surgery edema to me in detail the public and good simple stretch method of occurrence of later.

South Korea occupies the rate of increase first place of breast cancer in the OECD countries. In particular, many developed symptoms on 40 generations of women, was increased to nearly five times over the past 15 years. In 15 years ago and only 3 thousand people, in 2010 it increased much about 15,000 people. Breast cancer, originally, many seen in Europeans and Americans also sick and South Korea life and eating habits are westernized, it is of the opinion that breast cancer has increased.

Room director is ldquo; the cause of breast cancer has been cited genetic factors and stress, women Sakuinun personality rdquo also sick of other women have complained together in a shy and fire; I was told that.

Furthermore, men might breast cancer caused by gene found but low probability compared to women, it is possible to take clearly breast cancer in men, and requested frequent drinking ahead and weight management.

Room director in the broadcast of the day ldquo; is a protein and vitamin D is important as breast cancer good nutrition, and lack of vitamin D, rdquo that breast cancer risk is increased to six times; I was told that. In the food made for breast cancer patients, we mentioned beans, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, milk, mackerel.

The day mbc pleasant day it is broadcast ldquo; brown rice Konjon rdquo using the beans is a good food to breast cancer; also unveiled, were also emphasized the importance of health management.

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Effective O-shaped legs arthritis-induced … Findari correction

O Jiashi effective in arthritis-induced … Findari correction

While maintaining the patient’s joint is intact, recovery as early

Housewife L mode (48, Seoul) said, there was a complex by the letter O crooked legs usually, I’ve been left without particular feel the inconvenience. However, beginning knee from the front for a while hurts make a contrived, but visited the hospital, the deformation of the O-shaped knee joint has occurred arthritis in the Cause I was supposed to receive a diagnosis.

L said, Findari, simply tilt the attention to the health of the knee that I knew it did not even think that causes arthritis is thought that there is only a problem of how to walk or not good aesthetic. Sooner shape of the foot said he said.

Thus the case of these O-shaped fins feet are calling attention because it may lead to easily arthritis and slightly also. The force to support the weight of the body is focused on the inside of the knee joint, while cartilage is worn early, is the incidence of degenerative arthritis also increases.

Findari is sometimes born, often due to lifestyle and attitude of Za-shiki center, and to live in the correct posture, it is better to steadily promote exercise and for the normal stretching and joint strengthening. Also, whether there is usually pain, if a problem is found, locate the hospital immediately, and shall take the correct method of treatment.

If degenerative arthritis by Findari has been diagnosed, if age is a young and active patients, Findari corrective proximal tibia Jorugorusuru is effective. Correct this hospital old home can director and proximal tibia Jorugorusuru how to impose more weight on the healthy outer cartilage that is not damaged to move outward from the axis inside of not, to correct the O’s Findari together, while maintaining the identity of the joint, even without artificial joint to treat arthritis, patient satisfaction has explained that high. .

This treatment, mainly as a surgical technique that is suitable for active patients less than 60 years of age, surgery time there is the advantage that does not require short transfusion within an hour. Also, after surgery, in order to keep their joints while the more speedy recovery capable walking from 3 days later, no great restriction to daily life and physical activity.

Although director can old house is proximal tibia Jorugorusuru is an effective treatment in patients with degenerative arthritis due to varus deformation, if you apply the wrong Jorugoru angle, there is a risk of such fractures, clinical experience rich specialist of the house it was advice and need it.

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Aqua ICL lens insertion surgery to prevent the side effects Visante cornea OCT

Aqua ICL lens insertion surgery recently LASIK to prevent the side effects Visante cornea OCT, Aqua ICL is not in being actively carried out among patients is not possible LASEK surgery. In Aqua ICL will shorten long operation time of an existing ICL, the prevention of various side effects, it is because superior. Existing ICL is a surgical procedure to correct vision by inserting a small special lens of the eye, the cornea is directly LASIK can be stored, can also receive patient that can not be LASEK surgery.

However, ICL is assumed to make for smooth waterproof of flow in the always enforcement eyes the iridotomy to issue a small hole in the iris of the previous surgery. Therefore, surgery period it takes about 1-2 weeks, Fuinjuru phenomenon for iridotomy, it can also be side effects such as increased intraocular pressure occurs.

However, Aqua ICL that has been recently actively carried out, the lens itself there is a small hall of 360m, even if you do not enforce the iridotomy, us to smooth the flow of waterproof eye. Therefore, long surgery time is not necessary, also became possible to further the day of surgery.

Not only aqua ICL can be minimized pain after surgery white zone phenomenon of side effects that may iridotomy is caused, elevated intraocular pressure, cataracts, various complications such as glaucoma The minimized, there can receive secure operation than existing ICL.

ICL representative Dr. Kwon Jess director that was topped in the eye-opening single 2000 smile ophthalmology in the eyes that recently Aqua ICL has complemented the shortcomings of existing ICL are known and are preferred by many of the people and Aqua ICL preoperative, if ultra-precise examination is always performed in a post-art devices, it is possible to receive a safer operation, when a hospital selection, whether it comprises a state-of-the-art equipment, ultra-precise inspection line complained require no to investigate such a thoroughly whether the break.

Aqua ICL to insert the lens in the eye before living room must thoroughly inspect the cornea before safety. Visante corneal OCT is an apparatus for confirming the cornea before safety, the thickness of the cornea in the existing equipment, the front of the depth, as a device which can most accurately measure and iris pattern, especially after ICL, The position of the lens can be precisely measured, it is excellent in prevention of various side effects.

It is located in Gangnam, smile ophthalmology in the eyes in addition to the Visante cornea OCT, this addition to the retina OCT to precisely examine the retina, Galileo G4 and Pentakamu to inspect the cornea before safety in the state-of-the-art method, the length of the eyeball are equipped with all the state-of-the-art equipment inspection is the latest possible endothelial cell layer to a role in maintaining the very transparency of the IOL master and the cornea that can be finely measured, provides a safer vision correction surgery You have

On the other hand, it is a super-high myopia of research ophthalmology eye to smile ophthalmology to a patient, in order to provide a better ICL, weekly, is promoting director, length is a study in ultra-high myopia Research Center of the hospital, on the basis of the material, it has been held twice a year, research report meeting at the time of ultra-Gordon. Development direction and patient this seat participated all staff and ICL stakeholders ICL, and share with one another about the method capable of providing a more appropriate ICL. As a result, satisfaction of patients receiving ICL smile ophthalmology to the current eye is reaching to approximately 98.

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After the entry and exit of stop Niwatorikamo, please shower

Shower please hint recommendation of disease management headquarters AI human infection prevention after the entry and exit of stop Niwatorikamo

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Shinhogyon reporter = Disease Control Headquarters the 7th, the avian influenza (AI) virus announced the prevention tips to prevent the Omunun to people.

According to this, firstly, those who are engaged in poultry breeding such as chickens and ducks, or entering the barn, when touched in the secretions of the poultry, for example, using masks and gloves, were out of the barn It must wash your body in the shower after.

Chicken and duck, which has been kept is declared to about jurisdictions optional authorities AI infection is suspected if the more dead Dari egg-laying rate drops usually, it must limit as much as possible the general off-limits to the farm.

In the case of the general public, and attention to personal hygiene, such as hand washing, etc. Niwatorikamotamago is good to eat and cook 5 minutes or more at 75 ℃ or more. Overseas AI generation regional visit must also be self-control.

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries quarantine headquarters from disease management headquarters last month, and running the AI-related emergency service system along with such as National Institute of Environmental Sciences, seasonality to the corresponding personnel of highly pathogenic AI is turned on or when culling work that occurred in the country It is a state that has completed the vaccination of influenza vaccine.

In addition, the headquarters was handed out is equipped with anti-viral agents and personal protective clothing to AI development and the human body infected with the clear distinction institutions such as health centers.

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Route 9 two-stage interval opening ratio congestion mitigation measures announced

Route 9 two-stage interval opening ratio congestion mitigation measures announced

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Among the plans to open in Bakudonju press = subway line 9 two-stage interval new Nonhyon Station – General playground station is the 28th, the 4th morning, Kimugyonho urban transport Division is opening ratio congestion in Seoul City Hall new building We have an announcement of mitigation measures. 2015.3.4

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Pharmaceutical position Angel positive indigestion heartburn fast effect

JW Chugai position Angel positive indigestion heartburn fast effect

JW Chugai has revealed that it has entered a full-fledged marketing activities and the launch of extinguishing agent position Angel information.

And only ate at the Angel John luck and unit complex fire extinguishing agent, drinking too much, chest due to stress heartburn, it’s a description of the company is that the effect is fast to such indigestion and stomach sag.

This product is a protein in the direct action in the small intestine, fats, Prozyme needed to effectively decompose and carbohydrates, contains lipase, a digestive enzyme such as Biodiasuta agents. UDCA to promote the secretion and excretion of bile also give quickly and effectively help the digestive disease is contained complex.

JW Chugai official, revealed the Quick plans to aggressively capture the analgesic market through a diversified marketing activities that the benefits of on Angel definition can be highlighted, such as analgesic effect.

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If you want to stretch wrinkles of the V line beauty type of face

If you want to stretch wrinkles of the V line beauty type of face

Lift up the thread of the TR line, prefer ages of like 20 to 60 generations without side effects effect

Standard of rice vary depending on the age. Face type that is a critical element of the impression of the people, we will change the standard of beauty. In the past, clean U grew up in the oval of the face when you are mentioned in the woman a beautiful type, jaw with a small face in recent years has been listed in the standard of beauty face type of surface length V line .

However, when it comes in the first half late 20s and 30s, and begin to fall and visible in elasticity eyes and 0.00 wrinkle the skin. Women even after only late 20s to become so interested is elasticity of the skin and wrinkle.

Wrinkles, skin elasticity is reduced, the main amount of moisture is reduced more, it appears both cheeks, such as the mouth. In order to improve the sagging and the elasticity of the skin, it can not be obtained a satisfactory effect Try using such high nutrition cosmetics and ultrasonic vibration equipment at home, and look for medical treatment.

Method of improving wrinkles, by incising the sagging excess skin is different from the surgical method to pull the facial muscles (facial lift) to a non-surgical method of injecting filler into the skin at the injection. In recent years, was the use of a special thread face lift is in the limelight.

That in the most typical of is a thread lifting of TR line. Butterflies have with soluble yarn in the form of a needle tip, after using the needle by sliding the thread under the skin, the needle straight to exit if the yarn remains in the skin. Inserted yarn I to voluntarily promote the regeneration of collagen and tissue cells in the skin melted. Melting does not occur most of the burden is small scars or side effects for sending the thread, we are getting a great response. Further, not only improves wrinkles visible, by increasing the elasticity of the entire skin, the contour of the face will help smooth so.

While TR line lifting began known effect, high demand in a variety of age range from 20s to 60s. Treatment time will vary according to the area of ​​the treatment site, but take about 30 to 60 minutes. As a side effect, occasionally like bruising after treatment.

Guangming Tetsuzan swallowtail clinic Son Yon one director is a variety of between (baby face) any TR line room lifting of molding method is effective in the face creation of elasticity of improvement and V line of wrinkles and skin and sleep during the surgery such as anesthesia and incisions without the need to even just us easily put the thread the entire face, it is possible to inside, she said popular .

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Corporation workers care only of ancient District hospital, as trauma professional training birthpla

[Hospital] ancient district hospital saw the satin workers cumbersome, as trauma professional training birthplace

Hospital panoramic view of Korea University school district. in the background that South Korea has been rapid growth in the economic power of the world # 13 (2013 1 trillion 449.5 billion US dollars basis), Seoul Guro Industrial Park has helped. Fifty years ago (1964), in the first nine were starting to national industrial complex old industrial country in December 2000, has been transformed into IT venture town changed its name to Seoul Digital Industrial Complex, still in charge of uniaxial Korean economy It has. In order to feed their families, the workers at the time Guro industrial parks devoted young youth has now entered the age of the elderly.

Korea University Guro Hospital, has left it was me with the light of the Korean economy Guro industrial history and of the workers who worked in there life and the sadness and joy as it is. Ethnic ancient (ethnic Tertiary Level) Koryo, which has been advocating, have treated the workers were injured by working day and night built a hospital in 1983 District area and refused rich conditions are good areas. Such efforts, Korea University Guro Hospital in March this year (director Bekusehyon) for the first time Health and Welfare specified in the country, has achieved a feat that is selected to trauma specialist hospital intensive development projects in Seoul.

Ward of the hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, was chosen to trauma professional training center disconnect and Yonsei Severance Hospital, in the surrounding too rightly, I evaluate.

Korea University Guro Hospital is influx trauma patients who had fractures cutting accident in the ward area Corporation along with the hospital opening, it was naturally interested in the field of trauma surgery continues to stable investment and development.

Introduction Emergency Medical Center, an orthopedic for specialized treatment and the patient’s effect management for already trauma patients from this time, the video Medicine, anesthesia pain disease Medicine, thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, etc. Construction of organic medical cooperation system with related professional department has been made.

The field of trauma surgery, the majority of university hospitals on the grounds that income does not come out was repellent, ward of the hospital, with a stable attachment and belief, spare investment and support to health care infrastructure and system construction It did not. It is a background that could be born in the training hospital of the nation’s first trauma surgical specialist.

Ojongon Korea University nine training center length of the old hospital trauma surgery specialist (professor), the old hospital, established a training center of trauma surgery specialist, systematic and professional education for trauma specialists to be carried out from the beginning of next year it was said that to construct a environment.

Sphere trauma center is a recently occurred uplifting terminal fire accident and Itabashi hole emergency surgery capable facility from trauma occurrence, such as a collapse accident within the prime time hour, its importance is emphasized. Korea is promoting a regional trauma center establishment support business from 2012, currently is treating 24-hour trauma patients across the country 11 places.

Government, but plans to expand a regional trauma center in 17 locations in 2017, high business strength in the field of trauma surgery is, for the uncertain outlook, young specialists we have repellent, struggling to secure human resources It has.

Training center of the glow hospital trauma surgery specialist by support of the Welfare Department, is the period from 2015 U~esansuru season training chamber and (Trauma Surgical Skills Lab) such as to provide the equipment, the spur to build the best training environment. Severe trauma nurse specialist and by adopting the administrative personnel to constitute a steering committee trauma professional intensive training education, we are focused on construction of the educational environment and infrastructure as a medical institution.

The training program, which will take effect from next year, daily intensive care, only trauma cooperation, the interdisciplinary care of trauma areas such as via the analysis treatment planning of patients with trauma patients and related clinical department to participate weekly intern is performed every day The experienced, thereby it is possible to qualify as a future injury team map specialist.

Trauma conference that has been carried out every month (Trauma Conference) domestic and foreign speakers to have trauma symposium and ATLS curriculum development that led to, trauma, intensive care medicine, help attend the famous Society of disaster medicine-related domestic and international trauma expert of Education It maintains the level and quality, to increase the actual quantitative qualitative levels for trauma patients remediation.

Training center length Ojongon professor of trauma surgery specialist (right) underwent marginal resection in severe trauma patients being treated perioperative education to residents. In the hospital trauma training room of ward, simulation using a bone model education, to carry out specialized education in the only of anatomy training for trauma training physicians.

It is noticeable that owns the domestic supreme leader faster than anything. Severe shaping trauma training center length Ojongon professor of trauma surgery specialist (orthopedic) is, severe general trauma served as Gimunamuryoru professor you have experience treating Jusho in Pakistan (transplant vascular surgery), one and only 2 in Japan It was constructed One of trauma expert system.

Ojongon training center length is not only a national support benefits of the death trauma specialists are supposed to be participating in the national trauma physician training business feel a sense of grave responsibility , in the discrimination has been education system only mouth of hospital , we said that was our best to the core human resource development.

Ministry of Health and Welfare is planning to reduce the Korea severe trauma preventable mortality to reach the current 35.2 in 2020 to less than 20. Actually developed countries, the preventable death rate by introducing specialized medical care system of the trauma of the 1990s, the United States 34-15, Germany was reduced by more than half 40-20 with.

Korea University Guro Hospital, trauma specialist intensive regional trauma center just as trauma professional specialty and training of professional operating costs, long-term surgeon surgeon candidates dispatch, foreign trauma specialist invited map, 119 emergency services first transfer and it would be subject to government support such.

Ojongon training Center maintains the highest level of research and clinical for treatment of trauma, education in improving the U~on’neu~e related systems for performing a wide range of functions for specialized medical institutions in the treatment of trauma patients based on the region It was emphasized that tries to Mokeyo the foundation to consolidate.

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Management, such as theft of the Republic of Korea drug clean zone old story … narcotics such slop

[2014 national audit] Republic of Korea drug clean zone folk tales … theft, such as narcotics such management of management sloppy Republic of Korea has been classified as a narcotic clean zone, but drugs such as theft of narcotic class was found to be lousy.

The 7th, as a result of the National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee Injegun legislators (new political Democratic Union) has analyzed the national audit materials have undergone Shoku-yaku destination submission, drug theft of the last five years was of 115.

In terms of year, 18 in 2010, 18 in 2011, 33 reviews in 2012, 29 in 2013, 17 in June of this year, it is in every year an increasing trend, except for 2013.

In terms of location-specific, hospital clinics most with 65, 34 pharmacies, other 16 were found. In particular, look at the stolen place, there was also the case that many have been stolen in one place. 2011 Busan of 25 species at the pharmacy, 14 species in Ulsan hospital in 2012, 14 species in 2013 ToshiTadashiminami the pharmacy, stolen 10 species at the pharmacy that was until June 2014.

In addition, drug waste management was also sloppy. According Enforcement Ordinance Article 21 related to drug class management, drug such that there is flammable, (harm) would have to burn them in a place is not likely to occur for the health and hygiene has been with. However, looking at the current situation of the accident drug disposal, vacant lot after the hospital, hospital backyard, health center back, health center after the vacant lot, U~onmugu~a, health administration rooftop, preparation room, in such office, the store is likely to occur even when the incinerated at to see is that it is no place difficult there. In addition, according to the regular joint inspection result of drug handlers of Shoku-yaku destination of 2012 to 2013, the number caught by any disposal of the drug class has also become a 43.

In contrast Injegun lawmakers drug theft and narcotics such such as any waste management of the drug class is sloppy. Under the supervision related civil servants, are discarded at is difficult to understand the common sense even to drugs that have been discarded It is set to be that it is emphasized that it is necessary to more thoroughly manage the drug.

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