A to Z black bean food will prevent hair loss

Can you prevent [Dr. night of hair loss treatment A to Z] black bean food hair loss?

One of the questions that receive a lot from hair loss patients to visit the clinic is related to food.

I would head fall to also continue to eat black beans every day to try to prevent hair loss. Why are such?

To drink, medicine, I am trying to An’asoyo. Natural food like, please recommend little things help in hair loss.

About it is this kind of question.

Toxic Korean people, the about, because not good to eat it long is to resolve to eat better food it seems there are more that I think the best policy. In fact, it is not considered per se wrong. Of course without drink medicine, if there is a solution possible ways, such as over a food regulation, it is natural to if there if first.

For example, in the case of a typical chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure as well, the initial of the disease to try treatment with only diet and aerobic exercise without the drug. This lifestyle modification, that is referred to as a lifestyle calibration, even in modern medicine, it is thought this itself it’s important therapeutic means than medicine.

Then, what about the case of hair loss? In addition, as in the example above, or if you find early, lifestyle correction only can be resolved? Speaking from the correct answer, it is no.

For example, the cause of male pattern hair loss is revealed by substances called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) made of male hormones. Therefore, the main thing is the treatment of male pattern hair loss to suppress the generation of the DHT, a typical hair loss treatment agents that are out now finasteride also prevent hair loss that us to inhibit the formation of DHT give me. Here, while combining such meso therapy us to strengthen the hair root as minoxidil us to improve blood circulation to the scalp firm hair loss treatment is completed.

Then, another black bean is, here in what role in the treatment of hair loss to be a wonder black bean comes out a good story? The black beans, but contains substance called Isorabonoido, it is said that us to suppress some extent this material also the production of DHT. The problem is that amount. To eat black beans and are included only a very small amount to about to eat one by dozens kiln on the day to inhibit the formation of DHT. Which one would be more realistic way in the eating of the tablets grain eat dozens kiln black beans in a day?

It is not a story that should not eat black beans. Eating has also been. And because not going in to at least hair loss. However, the same time it must also undergo firm treated. When the black bean is shifting the timing of treatment in the wrong belief that it prevents hair loss, would not it be stupid than that.

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In can spring preparation of the body … and then warm up to health

[Health Life] is able to spring preparation of the body … and then warm up to health

■ health 5 large keyword to welcome spring vibrant

Spring has come. Chilly spring weather As is the spring jealousy wake up from the frog is hibernating equinox past Keichitsu (six days) (21 days) approaches, green, etc. are flies flowers open bloom in the south. It is caused to realize the great vitality of spring. Spring all things to resuscitation is not so easy in health. In fact the spring, often worsening caused many diseases than the winter. Looking at the Korea cause of death statistics, high blood pressure, heart disease, is the most many lose their lives season just spring people suffering from chronic diseases such as respiratory diseases. The cause what is the. Noyongyun Hanlin Gangnam Sacred Heart Hospital Family Medicine professor, explained that as seasons change without me attached our body, because it has led to a still a little is not ready to force big of even to. Therefore, our body is also necessary warm-up for greet the spring.

1. exercise, sports

Movement to awaken the body had been squat is a very important keyword for the spring of health.

Every day when you exercise regularly, the movement of immune cells are activated, blood circulation is smooth. At the same time, the immune cells is transmitted to every corner of the body through the blood. However, excessive exercise, and can give health harm the turn of the seasons, must go to increase the momentum little by little.

Light aerobic exercise, by awakening the body that carry, is released the fatigue, it is useful for the strengthening of immunity. Aerobic exercise, some walking, jogging, jumping rope, cycling, tennis, swimming, aerobics, etc..

Exercise is better to lightly. In the morning, you can lightly jogging, and the gymnastics of bare hands, also to release the muscles tense in the stretch every 2-3 hours in the workplace. After lunch, it is also a good way for a light walk to get out do not have the room. However, care must be taken the yellow sand and ultraviolet light that is suddenly strongly raging in the spring.

2. vitamins, vitamin

By now, our body feels to adapt to the change of seasons has changed day by day, the easy fatigue. The more particular amount of activity, protein, vitamins, it would increase the required amount of minerals and various nutrients. Metabolic function becomes strong in the spring, because the vitamin consumption is increased to three to five times, intake of vitamins is very important. If it is not taken properly nutrients, imbalance occurs on nutrition, in drowsiness and fatigue, it becomes even more suffer.

For this reason, soybeans are rich in vitamin B1, barley, it is good to eat cereals, such as red beans and mix in rice. Brown rice is high in calories compared to white rice, protein and fat are included many, it contains calcium and vitamin B two times or more. Eat a lot of fresh edible wild plants and Do~urunamuru, it is one of the diet Nara is also forget that it us to fully replenish the vitamin C and minerals.

3. nap, nap

Our bodies, in order to adapt to the warm spring, metabolism, hormonal system, languid fatigue is accompanied by changes in the nervous system, sleepiness, loss of appetite, indigestion, will be to sue the abnormalities such as dizziness. This is a so-called Chung Gon Jun.

Ijongu~on Samsung Seoul Hospital Family Medicine Professor, when you do spring of relaxing, it helps to improve the symptoms of sleep about 20 minutes a nap and then I just go to bed rather the next day from serious sleep a weekday to accumulated fatigue in holiday intends pool it is possible to feel the Na fatigue, to advise and attention is not required.

Because drinking too much recently sake that Chung Gon Jun occurs with (over-drink) becomes even more badly symptoms, do not drink as much as possible drink. Or excessive operational, since severe stress also causes, it must be well managed.

4. moisture, mosture

Spring produce a lot of skin diseases, including itchy skin and dry air. children in particular there is the elderly and atopic dermatitis, skin becomes dry, they are struggling for very eczema itching caused to terrible blisters skin. Patients with allergies or asthma, badly made often sick because of dry air and spring pollen.

Baku Min Sung Seoul National University Hospital Family Medicine Professor, Spring of fine dust, yellow sand, the most vulnerable body of pollen organization, to respiratory, and moisture is insufficient, respiratory mucosa is dry, harmful substances more easily order to penetrate to, to advise and if should not be drink at least the 1st least 1.5 ℓ of warm water and drink. Prayer and bronchial mucociliary and oral bronchial that the ability to pull up emissions of fine dust in the mouth becomes dry, this function is lost. After the bath and washing the face, before the moisture of the stratum corneum of the skin evaporates, it must be to paint quickly enough moisturizer. In addition, it is not if press and the If too strongly or too much soap.

5. rest, relaxation

When it comes to March, the temperature during the day is up to 15 degrees, the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 10 degrees. Change of the day hidden and seasonal acts as a stress on our bodies. Our bodies, when receiving the mental and physical stress secrete cortisol, endorphins, the stress hormones such as epinephrine. Stress and bringing the imbalance in the secretion of hormones and chronic and induces hypertension, diabetes, reduced immunity, various stress-related disorders such as chronic fatigue.

The best way to release the stress and fatigue of spring, is sleep. The turn of the season, the 1st of about 7 to 8 hours, you must use care to the recovery of the biological rhythm through the rest and enough sleep. In particular, 23:00 to 3:00, because melatonin hormone to enhance the immunity of the body is secreted, I take a deep sleep in this time zone.

[Ibyonmun medical professional reporter]

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Increase of patients with hepatitis C … need for the development of effective therapeutic vaccine

Patients need hepatitis C is the development of the C-shaped increase of patients with hepatitis … effective therapeutic vaccine has increased, but the development of effective treatments and preventive vaccines I have found that the slow progress.

Disease Control headquarters, in the report research trend of hepatitis C virus, C-type hepatitis virus infected patients worldwide is about 170 million people, the average infection rate of the country and the extent 1-3 It revealed.

However, C-type hepatitis virus, because the gene mutation to evade the immune response while making the frequent various similar species, still disease management headquarters when the vaccine has not been developed was discussed.

Currently most hepatitis C therapeutic agent is used, along with the initial aftermath of the treatment, after long in the treatment period also 2-4 years, also when the disease management headquarters if you want to relapse to stop treatment says.

Disease Control Headquarters, patients of hepatitis C, since more than half will be in chronic patients, he pointed out the need for the development of new therapeutics and vaccines.


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Increase … early it is possible to stop growing in four years precocious puberty three times,

4-year increase in precocious puberty three times … early it is possible to stop growing, 12-year-old 12.5-year-old girl of small treatment time than the average height of when it becomes growth plate early close adult, boys Do not passed the full 13 years of age

Kim hat, visited the growth clinic to take the son of elementary school fifth graders have a complex for a small key. Is a is Kim’s key father mother to 168cm to 163cm. Key when the child was 150.9cm.

As a result of proceeds from the Kim-kun of the growth plate photos to a blood test at the growth clinics, genetic expected key but was a 172cm, expected key diagnosis of 168 has been made already blame puberty visited. As a result of the growth plate test, bone age is 13 years old, it was higher than the actual only 11 years old.

It is a time to move adolescent heavy machine, male hormone and gonadal hormones had increased. The conclusion was a precocious puberty. Well grown children of key looking for a growth clinic we do not grow the moment there is a parent has increased. As in the case of Kim hat, good to eat, it is try suspected precocious puberty when the growth of good sleep key is in the plateau.

Seven days, according to the medical community, it refers to the case of secondary sexual characteristics that inform the excessively start of puberty of precocious puberty and sex hormone is displayed earlier than puberty. If Korean girls that chest to 8-year-old previously has begun to develop, the remaining will be diagnosed with precocious puberty that testicle increases to 9-year-old before.

Children of precocious puberty, since bone age is displayed higher than the same age, the growth plate closes growth is stopped early, when it becomes finally adults, the key is reduced. Patients treated for precocious puberty was found to have increased to more than 3 times in 4 years. According to the article in the health insurance examination center, patients who received the treatment of precocious puberty, which was 21,712 people in 2009, with 66,395 people in 2013, an increase of more than three times.

Cause of precocious puberty, the environmental hormones, obesity, genetic, there is such stress. Diagnosis is to measure the height and weight, the emergence of about secondary sexual characteristics, muscle about development, to visit and skin lesions. Here it will be determined by examining the bone age through a radiological examination.

To check the status of the ovaries and uterus are conducted ultrasonography patients with precocious puberty is suspected, also to an MRI imaging when two or more types of lesion is suspected. In addition, through the blood or urine test to measure the concentration of gonadotropin and sex hormones, and measuring thyroid function.

Cheongdam strong hospital key Shin John Yon director of our growth clinic ldquo; if made precocious puberty and diagnostics, will be to the hormone injection treatment which, of gonadotropin-releasing hormone present in the human body while the ldquo;; treatment rdquo made slow the progression of precocious puberty by suppressing the action if the girl on the basis of the treatment as it may bone age is early start time of, 12 years to 12.5 years, in the case of boys, those who do not of over 13-year-old is good rdquo; he said.

Health Chim-time semi-reporter newyork291segye

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Drink of medical tourism agency

[2012 Korea International Medical Tourism Convention] drink registered hospital information provides more than 2400 of medical tourism agency

  Flea medical tourism agency

Flea Medical Tourism Travel is, but medical tourism professional travel company that provides medical tourism information to foreigners visiting Korea.

Fleas in close cooperation with hospitals, medical tourism professional travel agency to study to be able to provide customized services to meet the customers, the hospitals always have an interest in the new service of hospital expertise and services it is an effort to inform. Detailed analysis of the domestic more than 2400 registered hospital, to provide objective information. Hospital facilities and doctors of professional skills, professional career training, medical equipment holdings, surgery number of times, the success rate, the toughness of the doctors, nurses, service level of staff, post-management, and hospital of investigation, such as insurance analysis, statistics, comparative analysis until the reviews and customer service levels, to provide medical services to meet customers. Based on this △ health CHECK program △ integrated management program △ face shaping program △ face of bone professional program △ sleep, are also underway, such as psychological healing program.

Drink to the hospital can focus the foreign patients in medical business, interpretation, car, accommodation, meals, has been actively cooperating in the provision of various services, such as travel. Also, as extensive professional partner for the development of South Korea and overseas countries of hospitals and specialists, while informing the excellent medical services of Korea, to help their close cooperation, and improve the exchange of the two countries of medical technology cooperation It has faithfully carried out the bridge. Also, which it has been put on the forefront to show the medical Korean role to ensure that both countries can be a win-win (WINWIN).

In addition, fleas, overseas patients with receive a high-quality custom medical services, to provide the total medical tourism services to be able to enjoy also Korean culture. Therefore, travel, experience, accommodation, movement means, dietary management, shopping, .hskfnnews Honsokugun reporters that provides one-stop service to be able to meet at the same time tourism and medical services, such as the execution interpretation services

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Adopt implementation carrier and new at any time

JW Chugai group, carriers, and new from time to time adopt implementation JW Chugai group to practice the adoption at any time.

JW Chugai Group, including the JW Holdings is a holding company, JW Chugai Pharmaceutical, revealed the 15th and carried out in such as JW Chugai new drug to work career jobs and new employees from time to time adopted the 26th.

In this recruitment, marketing, sales, public relations, production, patent management, is a plan that singles career positions and new employees of more than 2-3 years in functional areas such as international development. Depending on the recruiting field, as long as it is a two-year or four-year college graduates and prospective graduates, it is possible to help. Marketing is an essential homogeneous industry PM carrier, operating to favor MR carrier and Seoul and Jeju local residents. Public relations, recruiting and internal communications public relations career one by one person each.

Until the 26th noon through the JW Chugai group adopted home page (recruit.jwgroup.co) it is possible to support online. Various documents submit primary interview only to document screening who pass. If passed through the document screening, practice interview, through an officer such as interview, the final successful applicants is scheduled to be notified individually.

Meanwhile, more specifically, it can be confirmed via e-mail (jobjwgroup.co) and JW Chugai group employed homepage (recruit.jwgroup.co).

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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Special scholarships to 15 children of employees

JW Chugai group, special scholarships to 15 children of employees

  JW Chugai Group is the 22nd, revealed to have passed the tuition and special scholarship of the University to 15 children of employees from Seoul Seocho material JW Tower. New college student 15 people received a scholarship JW Chugai group Yi Ho Chairman (front row left fourth) is a commemorative photo.

While home suffering from a recent student of the problem is increasing, JW Chugai Group employees, to children of college to support the special scholarship, we are embarked aggressively to compile family of employees.

JW Chugai Group, revealed the 22nd that it has held the children of employees special scholarship transfer equation at Seoul Seocho material JW Tower.

The events of this day, including the JW Holdings, JW Chugai, JW Chugai new drugs such as the participation of 60 people over, such as this year’s college freshmen 15 families of children of employees all of the operating company, Ijonho president directly It was delivered to a special scholarship admission congratulation gold along with tuition.

In addition, JW Chugai Group, public relations ambassador commissioned shape has also been awarded. Children of college students who received the commission like in the future, will be the role of the communication point of contact to facilitate communication between the company and the university in such job fairs and adoption exposition of the school.

All predict the amount that you participated in this event to university students of beginner (JW Chugai new drug heyday director children) is not only a student in the father of the company, thanks to me to support up to special scholarships, the future of college life expectations it is meant and by father at the university has said eagerly inform the service company.

On the other hand, JW Chugai Group, to the children of employees from more than 30 years ago has been paid the full amount of tuition fees, they are transmitted separately from a special scholarship from 2001.

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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Note the 50s or later spinal stenosis

When you enter the note 50s since the 50s spinal stenosis, dull numbness sensation of both arms for the first time from the shoulder symptoms appear. Hand to the missing is a force even after it, such as time slid a foot doubt disk of no tree that does not better condition visited the hospital, where they received a diagnosis lsquo; cervical stenosis rsquo; that.

Spine 20 sim; begins aging spine joint is firmly denatured past the 30s. The later 50s, as the degenerative changes proceeds in earnest, will narrow the spinal column is the passage of nerves in the spine, by compressing the nerve spinal canal stenosis that causes pain occurs. Depending on the site, divided into cervical canal stenosis (the neck) and lumbar stenosis (waist). Although lumbar canal stenosis was widely known to occur more frequently, also cervical canal stenosis to an increase in the use of modern computers and smart devices is increasing rapidly.

Neck disk pain and paresthesias is different to being immediately displayed spinal canal stenosis together, there is a feature that is progress gradually. The initial, mainly neck pain, shoulder and arms pain, such as athletic ability and paresthesias of both arms is I feel. Spinal cord of the neck is not only willing to go shoulder and arm, all the symptoms are repeated over myself to go to the feet, over several months or years, the symptoms of stroke, such as it is badly made and gait disturbance and dysuria appear.

Glow Jesus hospital castle of director, ldquo; cervical stenosis, it is difficult to the disc comes out to stimulate the nerve similar neck disc and the initial symptoms to induce pain public to easily distinguish rdquo; and ldquo say; the spinal tube itself is narrowed in is possible MRI examination to check the degenerative changes in the cervical spine X-ray imaging, rdquo to whether pressed care site where a can be accurately confirmed .

Gender director is ldquo; early drug therapy, physical therapy and neurogenesis, such as enforcement of the non-surgical treatment earlier, muscle weakness, the vertebral column that narrowed by using a fine microscope and laser, etc. paralysis is displayed rdquo to enforce us to spread fine microscope decompression; and I explained.

For prevention, and changed the always wrong attitude and lifestyle, it is important to protect the C line of healthy trees. Be sure to stretch the lower back when you sit on top of the desk, the angle of the tightly with hip and knee in the back will be to maintain the 90 degrees.

Attitude of the person off to a lean arm on top of the long pull habits and desk in front of the neck when looking at the computer, because the neck of health is not good, it must be remedied without fail. When it is necessary to take a long time the same position, such as a driver or computer work, once every one hour, when the stretch release the muscles around the neck, it is useful for blood circulation.

Gimushinson reporter sskim65segye

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Health grade system introduction of the 2017 Restaurant

Health grade system for evaluating the health grade system introduced restaurant of sanitary conditions of the 2017 restaurant is introduced in 2017. Moreover, it is expected to become the future, you can easily check the sodium content of the processed foods in the packaging paper product.

Food and Drug processing, the food 183 that incorporates such content; four of amendment bill of the pharmaceutical sector has passed through the Cabinet 12? It revealed.

According to the Food Sanitation Law amendment, introduced from health quality assurance system in May 2017 to evaluate the health state of the hospitality industry plants of food, food hospitality given a health evaluation, it displays this, and advertising It will be able to. Skilled in the art given the hygienic evaluation, constant and can be waived and period inspections recovery may also receive support required for the improvement of sanitation facilities.

Also, the food was manufactured, or imported to business person, as compared with the sodium content of the same or similar type of food the sodium content of such processed foods from May 2017 consumers clearly collar 183 ; it shall be displayed using the appearance.

In addition, according to the revision of the Act on health functional food, health function food raw materials and the reference 183; if there is a need to complement and re-examine the certified matters in the standards, from next year in May, to re-evaluate this thing I can. Based on the result of re-evaluation, the matters already confirmed or not a notice is changeable or cancel also.

The pharmaceutical sector, the revision of the laws and regulations △ ginseng industry method explicitly the manufacturing authorization of inspection agency of ginseng class by △ narcotics or records and history from time to time reporting requirements of all of the handling of psychotropic drugs? Storage exemption △ drug class integrated information management center for the systematic management of narcotics and psychotropic drugs handling information newly established 183; management, and the like.

In addition, food 183; and safety technology such as pharmaceuticals; from the production of pharmaceutical products and to strengthen the research infrastructure necessary to ensure the safety of up to consumption, food 183 to be able to take advantage of the results systematically and efficiently Promotion Act was enacted, to be enforced from November.

hskfnnews Honsokugun reporter

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Sweet potato is recommended that you steamed in diet

[Nutrition] best sweet potato to be steamed in the diet

Mochi If you say Put your main beak to represent the winter, other sea bream baked, it is not essential the sweet potato. Has a sweet, effortless sweet potato to eat young and old is a nutrient also rich foods, such as dietary fiber various vitamins potassium. Sweet potatoes, sometimes people who came to diet will find a lot. Is lower to 100g per 128㎉ it is about calorie rice and half air, which contains many dietary fiber, it is because give the long satiety.

Dietary fiber of sweet potatoes, it prevents such as colon cancer. When I cut the raw potato, this component white mucus comes out is Serapin. Serapin is, it is of great help to resolve the fibrin and constipation.

In addition to this anti-oxidant vitamins, polyphenol-based compound to a strong antioxidant effect of the beta-carotene chlorogenic acid, it is included, such as protease inhibitors that will suppress the development of cancer and viruses. These materials are a composite anti-cancer effect in conjunction with the various components of the sweet potato.

Sweet potato are included many potassium in the alkaline food that will also help in the prevention of adult diseases. Potassium to the effect of discharging the sodium in the body with the urine, prevent adult diseases such as hypertension, an effect of preventing a stroke.

Sweet potato, such as diet and adult diseases prevention, but is a snack good for the body, the cooking method it is necessary to pay attention. (Enough to increase the blood sugar level when ingested GI certain foods) glycemic index indicative of obesity, sweet potato 40s is lower than the potatoes are 50~60, GI index increases significantly based on the recipe thing I can.

GI to eat steamed sweet potato is 40, but it is good to eat steamed if for the diet because up to 80 is a level of bread and rice to eat baked. Without cooking the sweet potatoes, when you eat steamed or boiled, and should you eat with milk and apples. Milk helps to balance the influence me supplemented with protein and fat that are missing in the sweet potato. After eating the sweet potato, it becomes lean cheated, fart is to eat the apple of the case came out frequently. Pectin component of the apple is in order to serve to reduce the fart.

[Iyoun’uku reporter]

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